Zircon crowns

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Zircon crowns

Zircon crowns for teeth

The zircon crown process is one of the common procedures in the treatment of dental and gum problems, and it is used in the installation of artificial teeth used to replace damaged or missing teeth. In this article, we will talk about the steps involved in the zircon crown process.

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Zircon crowns

The following are the steps that are followed to perform zircon crowns:

Results of zircon crowns

Finally, the necessary tests are performed to ensure the success of the operation, as a result of the installation of zircon crowns for teeth, they are beautiful and natural in appearance and function, and they last for a long time due to their durability and strength. It also gives the patient confidence and comfort while eating, laughing and speaking.

The patient must adhere to the necessary care for composite teeth after performing the zircon crowns procedure,
such as brushing the teeth well and reducing eating solid foods that may cause damage to the crowns.

Care must also be taken To visit the dentist periodically for examination and to maintain composite teeth in good condition.

Zircon crowns prices

Zircon crowns are made in the laboratory using computer technology with the help of digital milling techniques, after taking accurate measurements of the teeth. Manufacture of crowns, which are sent to the treating dentist for installation on the teeth. This is done by placing the affected teeth in a special state of cold for a short period, then crowns are placed on the teeth and fixed using strong adhesives.

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