Jaw surgery

Dental drilling procedure and check up on beautiful teeth and open mouth.

Jaw aesthetics

Jaw surgery

Jaw surgery is used in several cases, including modifying the swallowing process, repairing defects in the jaws and teeth, or treating disorders such as chronic mouth ulcers, or chronic pain in the face. And the face, and the application of modern techniques to preserve the nerves and vital tissues.

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Jaw surgery

The following are the steps that are followed to perform the jaw surgery:

Jaw surgery prices

It is worth noting that jaw surgery is not always the first choice for jaw and dental problems, and the doctor may need to try other treatments before resorting to surgery, such as using orthodontics or cosmetic dental treatment, and accordingly the necessary costs for the procedure are determined.

Moreover, You may face some potential risks after jaw surgery, such as bleeding, infection, osteitis and damage to adjacent teeth, so adhering to the doctor’s instructions and taking good care after surgery can reduce these risks.

In general, jaw surgery is a complex and painful surgical procedure that requires experience and skill High from the surgeon, and the patient needs to adhere to the medical instructions prescribed after the surgery.

If you suffer from problems in the jaws or teeth, you should consult a dentist for evaluation, diagnosis, and to determine the best treatment options suitable for your condition.

Jaw surgery results

Although the procedure is painful and requires recovery time, it is often effective in improving patients’ condition and relieving pain and fatigue caused by jaw and dental disorders.

You should talk with the specialist doctor to determine whether jaw surgery is the best treatment for the patient’s condition, and Also, to find out what the expected results are, consulting the specialist doctor, good preparation before surgery, patient adherence to instructions, and postoperative care can improve the chances of success of the operation, reduce pain, and speed up recovery.

The patient can also use natural remedies to help relieve pain and swelling, such as applying ice on jaws, or take medical painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

In the end, the patient must adhere to an appropriate diet after surgery, and stop smoking because it may affect wound healing and recovery in general.

Jaw surgery can be a stressful and painful process for the patient However, it may be the perfect solution for several conditions that affect the jaw and teeth, and the quality of life and general health after surgery and full recovery are improved.

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