Dental surgery

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Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at treating health problems in the mouth and teeth, and it may require the use of surgical techniques such as removing teeth, installing implants, or gum surgeries. These operations are performed by a qualified dentist trained in oral surgery.

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Dental surgery

Dental surgeries include many different surgical procedures, including:

Dental surgery results

Dental surgery is an important procedure for treating diseases and health problems in the mouth and teeth. The necessary care instructions must be adhered to in order to achieve good results and avoid any possible problems or complications. Patients should consult a qualified and trained dentist before undergoing any oral and dental surgical procedure.

Dental surgery is mostly a safe procedure, but complications can sometimes occur, such as excessive bleeding, infections or chronic pain.
To avoid these problems, you should Patients should take the necessary care and contact their dentist if there are any problems.

Some types of dental surgery include the removal of rotten or damaged teeth, dental implants, correction of deformities of the jaws, and removal of benign or malignant tumors in the mouth. Dental surgery is an important procedure for maintaining oral health and preventing diseases and health problems.
Patients should adhere to proper oral and dental care, including regular cleaning and visits to the dentist for examination, evaluation and necessary treatment.

Prices and costs of dental surgery

Performing dental surgery requires making the necessary preparations such as medical evaluation and radiography, and the patient must adhere to the necessary care instructions before and after the operation.

Good results can be achieved from dental surgery, but the final success depends on adherence to the necessary care instructions and regular follow-up with the dentist, which varies The prices are according to the procedures followed and different from one specialist doctor to another.

Dental surgery begins with anesthesia of the area in which the operation is to be performed, and this is done by injecting narcotic drugs into the gums.

After that, the surgical procedure is performed according to the plan that was prepared in advance. The process may take a different time depending on the type of procedure and the condition of the mouth and teeth of the patient.After dental surgery, you must adhere to the medical instructions for the necessary care. This may include avoiding eating and drinking for several hours, using antibiotics or painkillers to reduce pain and swelling, and applying ice to the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes on the first day after the operation. You should also contact your dentist if there are any problems or complications after the operation.

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