cosmetic dental process

Dental drilling procedure and check up on beautiful teeth and open mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is the process of improving the appearance of teeth and improving their function, and this procedure can include many options such as teeth whitening, changing the color of fillings, and changing the shape of the teeth using braces or thin dental applications.

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cosmetic dental process

The following are the steps that are followed to perform cosmetic dentistry:

Prices for cosmetic dentistry

The patient should talk with the dentist about the options available and the expected results of cosmetic dentistry, as well as the costs associated with the treatment.

The cost of cosmetic dentistry can vary greatly depending on the procedure required and the progress of the required treatment. The decision should be made based on the personal needs and expectations required.
The patient must be aware of the process and the risks associated with it before performing any cosmetic dentistry.

The patient must also work to maintain the cleanliness of the teeth, gums and mouth in general through good daily care Oral, including daily brushing and toothpaste, using medical floss to remove food residues between the teeth, and visiting the dentist regularly for periodic check-ups and necessary treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry results

Cosmetic dentistry is performed quickly, safely, and is a painless procedure. The patient can return to his daily life after the procedure without the need for a long treatment period.

However, the patient must adhere to due care of his teeth after the operation, and maintain regular oral and dental hygiene to maintain sustainable results.

The patient must understand that cosmetic dentistry It does not only include the aesthetic aspect, but can affect the function of the teeth and mouth in general.
For example, changing the shape of the teeth with orthodontics can help improve oral function and avoid health problems associated with incorrect arrangement of the teeth.

In the end, it should The patient should set realistic goals for cosmetic dentistry and talk to the dentist about the risks and benefits associated with their procedures.

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